Patricia Clarembaux

Univision Noticias Digital
Senior national reporter

Patricia Clarembaux is a senior national reporter with Univision Noticias Digital, mainly covering immigration in the US and Latin American features. She produces text, video and social media while in the field. She has two books published in Venezuela: 'A ese infierno no vuelvo’ (I won’t return to that hell), related to prisons in her country, and 'Barrio Adentro: historias de una misión' (Barrio Adentro, stories of a mission), related to the wealth social program that former president Hugo Chavez implemented to gain votes. With 'A ese infierno no vuelvo', in 2010 she was awarded in the National Competition of Citizen Journalists in the category Investigation at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. With Univision she has won, as a part of a team, the Ortega y Gassett Award, the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award, the POY Latam Award, the Gracies Award and the Emmy Awards. In 2019, she was a fellow in the 'Adelante Reporting Initiative' with the International Women's Media Foundation and was a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee.

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