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In Aftermath of Sydney Siege, Resources for Journalists

A hostage situation in Sydney ended early Tuesday morning with two hostages and the gunman dead. In the aftermath, we share resources for reporters on interviewing victims and survivors, self-care and working with reporters exposed to traumatic events.


You Can Help! Survey to Understand Occupational Stress

Dr. Elana Newman and her staff have developed a confidential online survey designed to better understand the various forms of occupational risk and stress faced by working journalists. The survey is available in English and in Spanish.

Dart at 2014 News Xchange

In collaboration with Columbia Journalism School, the Dart Center hosted a 40-person roundtable discussion and the closing reception at the fourteenth annual News Xchange conference in Prague.

AFP Changes Policy in Wake of Foley Death

AFP announced that it has ceased sending any of its staff into rebel-held parts of Syria, and will no longer accept any freelance work from the area.