Resources for Dart Award Honorable Mention

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Chasing Hope

An article chronicling the injuries and recovery of Jacqueline Saburido, a spirited young woman burned and disfigured when a drunk driver veered into her car. Originally published in the Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) in 2002.

Latisha's Children

A six-part series following the lives of four small children after their mother was murdered by her boyfriend, and of the grandmother who stepped forward to care for them. Originally published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN), in 2001.

Aftershocks of a Crime Spree

A series describing the impact of a string of armed robberies on its many victims, including the trauma experienced by the police officer who shot and killed the suspect.  Originally published in the Detroit Free Press in 2001.

After the Fire

This seven-part series about two young men severely burned in the dormitory fire at Seton Hall University chronicles the reality of recovery for the victims, their families, and those who care for them. Originally published in The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), in September, 2000.