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Covering the Tsunami

In recent years, journalists have become more aware of the emotional aspects of the stories they cover, particularly in the aftermath of tragedy. Nowadays, says David Loyn, the BBC's developing world correspondent, "We get alongside people; we have sympathy with them; we empathise with them." A Frontline Club discussion.

In-Depth Series: Veterans with PTSD

Last week, Alysa Landry at the Daily Times in Farmington, New Mexico penned a moving three-part series on veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Part one, Combat that Never Ends, tells the stories of Vietnam veterans who have wrestled with PTSD for decades, but only recently been diagnosed or treated.

Covering Tragedy

2007 Ochberg Fellow Lisa Millar talks about trauma journalism on the National Media Report.

Air Force Revises Subpoena Rules

U.S. Air Force officials have revamped their subpoena practices to extend greater protections to journalists, according to newly released regulations.

Dart Center Announces 2007 Ochberg Fellows

Reporting responsibly and credibly on violence and traumatic events — on crime, family violence, natural disasters and accidents, war and genocide — is among the greatest challenges facing contemporary journalism. The Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship, now in its ninth year, was established by the Dart Center in order to better prepare journalists for this challenge.

Air Force May Revise Subpoena Policy

After several recent cases in which reporters' notes have been subpoenaed for court-martial proceedings, the Air Force is considering revisions to its legal regulations that would discourage uniformed lawyers from serving subpoenas on journalists.